Referrals – AutoPay/AutoRenew

You’ll notice Neobux offers AutoPay and AutoRenew features.  What are they, and should you use them?

Autopay will continue to extend your referrals for an extra day if they click at least once a day.  Remember the referral home page?  There is a column saying “Next payment”, which lists when your referral will expire and you will need to pay to renew it.  If you enable Autopay, it will automatically extend that “next payment” date by one day as long as that referral clicks at least one ad that day.  You’ll pay about $0.00567 for each day your referral is extended, which is a 15% discount from the initial $0.20 for 30 days.  Should you use it?  That depends how long you generally renew for.  If you extend a referral 60 days or less, you will get a better discount using autopay.  If you extend a referral 90 days or more, it will be more cost-effective to renew yourself instead of letting Autopay handle it.  Unfortunately, you can’t pick and choose certain referrals to use AutoPay for and certain referrals to renew manually.

AutoRenew is basically a feature to prevent you from forgetting to renew.  If you turn it on, you can set “renewal period” and “number of days”.  Renewal period is the length of time you would like to extend your rental (15, 30, 60, 90, 150, or 240 days).  You will receive the same discount for each renewal period that you would by renewing manually.  “Number of days” allows you to set how early you would like AutoRenew to kick in.  If you only want it to renew a referral that has one day left before expiring, set number of days to 1.  (This option will extend referrals whether or not they have any clicks, unlike AutoPay.)

Both of these options will only work if you have available funds in your account to pay for them.  You will decide whether or not you would like to turn them on based on your own preferences.  Worried that you’ll forget to renew and lose good referrals?  Turn on AutoRenew.  Do you generally only extend for between 15 and 60 days?  Turn on AutoPay, you’ll be getting a better discount.  Do you usually extend for 240 days and like having complete manual control over your account?  Leave them both off.  Remember, even with these features on you can choose to recycle bad referrals- you don’t have to keep holding money-wasters just because they Auto-Renewed.


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